Pretty Little Answers

I have been watching PLL for years now and I'm sick of not knowing what's going on. I'm getting down to business and have begun re-watching the entire series. I will document all of my discoveries and theories on this blog.

Welcome to “Lessons with Ella.”

In the first picture, the board says: “Hedda: Because of her popularity she is the most powerfulcharacter. She toys w/others and finds no solace/entertainment in life. Her power= so far reaching that her own self destruction leads to the destruction of the other characters’ lives.”

Pretty genius Ella… the relevance to the plot in PLL is UNCANNY

Picture #2/3: “…Comes off as a lovesick, but otherwise dignified man, here we begin to see him as a coward. Ibsen is carefully revealing the flaws  of all of his characters, By the end of the play, we will not be rooting for the protagonist, so much as regretting a general tragedy.”

Soon after the camera shows the board, Ezra walks in. 

Ezra talks about Emily, 

Ella says, “We are all rooting for her to succeed.”

Coincidence that Ella uses the word “rooting” in her conversation with Ezra AND uses it on the board when she says that “… by the end of the play we will not be rooting for the protagonist…”

-Could this be foreshadowing that Emily is the hero/will be the hero? Maybe this means that Emily will stand up to A (In episodes surrounding this one, Emily begins to get angry instead of scared)

-I do not think that this means Emily is A or is on the A team. 

-In picture #2 look at the “A” in play…. seem familiar?

-Does this mean that by the end of “A,” we will no longer be rooting for the protagonist!?

—> my conclusion: Emily, Spencer, Aria, or Hannah is A or is on the A team. done. 

  • 4 July 2013
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