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I have been watching PLL for years now and I'm sick of not knowing what's going on. I'm getting down to business and have begun re-watching the entire series. I will document all of my discoveries and theories on this blog.



I’m calling it now: Melissa started filming a confession video for Spencer at the end of the episode, and after filming it, she committed suicide. That would explain the police tape at Spencer’s house and would explain the major character’s death this season. 

gracefuleverything said: Hey! It's me again! I was watching some theories and lots of people though that someone could put on a wig and a mask to be redcoat. But I think you are right that Cece has a twin. Hmmm...

Sorry I just saw this!!!! But love it

gracefuleverything said: Could maybe Toby have the mysterious twin? I mean: who was in the morgue with that same tattoo: 901 free at last?!?!?! And spencer never opened his helmet when she thought he was dead.

OOOOH NICE! Maybe! In an interview sasha did say that someone had a twin! Although after some scenes I’m left to believe that it is a blonde who has a twin. but who knows. I haven’t caught up yet but I will be able to soon! Thank you SO MUCH for submitting! <3




Anonymous said: Spencer already has a surprise sibling. I think we can rule her out for having a twin!


lmao! True!

chococigarettes said: Just one thing that everyone is too BLIND to see: Lamb = Aries => Aria // Aria inverted = Aira = Air/A Too tips that lead for the Toby's mom mistery, plus every character name means something

Very good theory. Can’t wait to see how everything plays out!!

chococigarettes said: Hanna took an Ali's journal (obviously) and it has something to do with something she did to Ali that would make she hate her. I think that in 4b and 5 they may show things that the girls did to Ali (she wasnt the victims as it seems) to explain a killer or why Ali hates they and dont trust they. Or why a lover would hate they.


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